What is IP telephony?
Internet telephony refers to the science or technology of integrating telephone services into computer networks. In essence, Internet telephony converts analog voice signals into digital signals, transmits them, then converts them back again. Voice over IP (VoIP) is a common Internet telephony service. With traditional telephone service, sometimes referred to as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), voice signals use telephone lines -- copper wires -- and circuit switches to communicate. Internet telephony eliminates the telco company all together by using computer networks to send voice signals. All information is transferred across the Internet in "data packets." For example, if you send your friend an email, the email is broken up into a series of data packets that each take their own route to the destination mail server. Once there, the packets reassemble themselves into the full email message.
Do I have to do anything to my data network to enable IP?
The data equipment needs to support QoS (Quality of Service). This feature allows the data network to treat voice with a high priority ensuring voice quality. QoS also helps data equipment handle voice more efficiently. Layer 2 switches are required as hubs are not suitable. Routers need to support the QoS features. Your NECBS representative can provide guidance to ensure you have the right data equipment.
Will my IP handset work from home?
An IP handset will not work on a conventional OSTN telephone line. Your handset will work using any data connection to your core telephony system, provided the network equipment supports the QoS features and bandwidth necessary for quality voice transmission.
What is Voice over IP (Voip)?
Voip and IP Telephony are effectively the same thing, they both refer to the delivery of voice calls over an Internet Protocol network
What benefits does IP telephony provide?
IP telephony allows multi site customers to look and feel like they are on one system, this can allow one receptionist, one Voicemail or Unified Messaging system to cover many sites and if enough bandwidth is available, free phone calls between those sites. It can also provide cost savings in cabling new premises as only one cable needs to be installed for each person that provides both their voice and data.

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