Prevent Downtime with Prompt Phone System Repair and Maintenance


Your phone system needs to be reliable with downtime kept to a minimum. You cannot have important discussions with clients dropping out or experiencing interference. These issues will make your business appear unprofessional, threatening your business relationships.

Our maintenance services prevent and resolve all manner of technical issues from affecting your operations. They keep your mission critical systems hassle free and protect your important professional relationships, both with clients and within your staff.

Our maintenance capabilities include:

  • Multiple vendor experience
  • Australia wide reach
  • Remote programming for updates and changes
  • Site and service auditing
  • Least cost routing
  • Fault and issue reporting


Qualified Services for All Major Vendors and Configurations

When you have a complex and comprehensive phone system you have to be sure it is properly maintained and your telephony assets are delivering the utility you pay for. Our centrally managed service ensures rapid turnaround for even the remotest locations.

We’re available to help with technicians trained for all vendor types and configurations. We provide call outs so you can be sure your problem will be resolved promptly without wasting time finding the various technicians and trades you need.

Remote Maintenance and Problem Solving

On our newer telephone systems we offer remote maintenance and administration facilities.

This feature enables us to expedite problem solving as our team can carry out all the necessary diagnostic tests before a service technician arrives. This gives them a head start in supplying a solution and assessing whether parts will need to be repaired or ordered for replacement.

Is your phone system playing up and giving you a headache? Are you experiencing regular interference or dropouts in connectivity? Contact us on 03 9845 9000 or complete our online quotation form to find the maintenance service you need.


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