NBN Compatible Phone Systems

Here at Total Communications we hear and see a lot of confusion over the nbn™ phone systems and what it means for business communications. You will hear buzz words and acronyms like SIP, VoIP, and Cloud that are related technologies but are NOT magic solutions for business. The truth is that whilst nbn™ is changing the way we connect to our carrier of choice very little needs to change from a day to day perspective. The nbn™ can open up different forms of communication and ways of working but in reality most of these technologies have been available for a long time in different forms.

We really understand nbn™ and its implications for you and the equipment you currently use. A replacement system may not be necessary as it is often quite simple to upgrade many existing systems for nbn™. If an upgrade or replacement is required we can easily assist you in selecting the right path.

Our consultants have years of experience with Telephony solutions and can quickly show you what you need based on your business requirements and not just push you toward the latest buzz word technology.

If you would like to clear up the confusion and focus on what YOUR business really needs then call us for an obligation free consultation.

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