About the Brand

Total Communications has supplied and supported critical communications solutions to the healthcare market for almost 30 years. Our ability to support multiple systems and solutions across the whole of Australia is second to none.

These Support and Supply Services include: VoIP & Cloud Telephony, Nurse Call, Staff Duress, Central Alarm Integration, Access Control, CCTV, Auditing & Reporting, Site Surveys, Mini DAS systems and Cabling solutions.

Helping healthcare and corporate organisations make the most of their existing infrastructure.


Empowering Change and Knowledge Management

Managing Critical Infrastructure

Total Communications Central Alarm & Reporting Manager (CARM) solutions allow events from any system (nurse call, telephony, duress, WiFi, Smartphones, RTLS & BMS) to be monitored, managed and logged.  Whilst simultaneously creating outputs and escalations for much needed live and historical reports.  All across existing or new building cabling infrastructure.

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Sweating the Assets

Reuse not Replace.
In most cases we integrate to, rather than replace, existing site infrastructure which allows our healthcare partners to focus on their clinical operations whilst we take care of the critical infrastructure, management and reporting.

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A Phased Solution Design

A common problem in healthcare is organic systems growth, which over time creates siloed communications, messaging and alerting systems, resulting in difficult to manage workflow, reporting and auditing initiatives.

The Total phased approach delivers a managed integration strategy and empowers better decision making, patient care and staff knowledge.

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Auditing, Monitoring, Reporting

Our CARM (Central Alarm & Reporting Management) solution monitors all call points for RTLS,  SLA responses and KPI comparisons.  Plus remote management of active alarms, escalations for no response, flat/low batteries, power fail reports and on site staff notifications. Protects patients, residents, staff and the healthcare organisation against mismanaged reporting.

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Linking the Critical Silos

Siloed communications result in disconnected and unrelated reports, escalations and workflows.

We help clients by linking the internal silos, supplying toolsets that refresh and integrate the messaging and reporting systems. This gives straight forward and inexpensive strategies to improve communications, duress, messaging and the patient experience.

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Standard Single Point Of Contact

Our Helpdesk support includes all the facets of running a smooth operation.

From triaging issues to determining the appropriate response and resolution.

From managing the technical resources to consolidation of invoicing and payments.

From providing user education to managing and adding new users and services.

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