Falls Detection & Prevention Technology

Total Communications uses non-invasive radar sensors and can monitor multiple occupants in a room. Offering real time falls and presence detection, the technology is able to detect, record and log activity in a room. If a fall takes place, the care giver is instantly notified and help can be sent the second it is needed.

Current solutions require either a wearable device, or outdated sensor mats which trigger multiple false alarms. Save staff hours by using accurate technology that doesn’t waste time.

  • Save nurse and staff hours
  • Free from trip hazards
  • No need for wearable device
  • Falls from bed and standing detected
  • Respects privacy - radar not cameras
  • Data is logged for compliance

Respect Privacy with Radar Sensor Technology

The system is a passive monitoring system based on unique radar sensor technology with AI.

This ground-breaking radar sensor offers unique real time falls and presence detection across multiple occupants in a room.

It is designed to detect, record and log activity in a room, from live fall detection to irregular movement. If certain levels of activity are outside of the normal routine, a care giver is instantly notified. Irregular movement patterns can be a precursor to some medical conditions. The device is connected to an enterprise platform, which reports and records all alerts for compliance purposes. This past data can also be analysed to predict and prevent future falls.

Features & Benefits

  • No false alarms 
  • Data is logged for compliance
  • Integrates seamlessly with CARM
  • Free from trip hazards such as cables and wires
  • Use past data to help predict and prevent future falls
  • Respects privacy - uses radar not cameras
  • Passive detection: no need for a wearable device
  • Easy to install and operate

Area Coverage

Placed in the upper corner of a room, the device can passively monitor the room for presence and falls. A single radar is powerful enough to monitor an entire room as well as an adjoining ensuite. This is ideal for falls monitoring in aged care facilities as bathrooms can be a high risk area for falls.

Aged Care Facilities

Traditional falls detection solutions rely on either a wearable device, or sensor mats, both of which can often be triggered unintentionally. The time taken by staff to resolve these false alarms can be considerable. 

This allows staff to spend time on other activities and eases the staff burden and workload. In addition, it allows for better patient well-being as they are not interrupted multiple times a day to switch off alarms.

Real-Time Falls Detection Reporting

The technology has an Enterprise Solution that is scalable for monitoring multiple residents in multiple facilities. The portal enables big data capture and enhanced granularity. This means constant, real-time streams of multiple data variables delivering broad detail on activities and occurrences. The portal can be accessed through various devices including computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Seamless integration with CARM, providing easy set-up and installation.

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Radar-based assistive technology is designed for care providers to meet the needs of their residents whilst protecting privacy.

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