Nurse Call, RTLS and Reporting

We supply IP Nurse Call Systems that allow for RTLS (real- time monitoring services), messaging to support nursing staff for greater knowledge and safety. Each IP call point is also an RTLS beacon, allowing nurses to seamlessly check-in to the room without physical interaction. These RTLS beacons also enabling tracking of staff, patients and medical assets for duress, movement and location.

We also support and maintain most commonly available nurse call systems on the market today, in fact we support many solutions that the manufacturers no longer support themselves. Integrating these existing systems with new reporting and management systems, delivering the new reporting technology whilst reusing the existing infrastructure and investments.

Our IP Nurse Call Systems allow for Central Alarm & Management Software (CARM) with real- time monitoring, escalations, auditing, reporting and management.

Central Alarm & Reporting Management (CARM)

Our CARM solutions allow events from any system to be monitored, actioned, and logged whilst simultaneously managing and creating outputs to other connected systems. Designed as an open system allowing communication between all types of critical solutions almost from any supplier.

RTLS - Personnel & Asset Tracking

Each IP call point in our nurse call solution is its own RTLS beacon, enabling tracking of staff, patients and medical assets for duress, movement and location throughout the site.

Management & Reporting

Our management & reporting solutions allow events from any connected system (nurse call, telephony, duress, WiFi, Smartphones, RTLS & BMS) to be monitored and managed, whilst supplying live and historical reporting for KPI and SLA management by the business as required.