Access Control

Manage your entire security operation from a single user interface. With Integriti acting as the complete Security Management System we can integrate and remotely manage a variety of security sub-systems, such as CCTV, Biometrics, Mobile Duress, Lighting, Air-Conditioning, Intercom, Fire and many more.

Great scalability means it's perfect for small to large multi-campus institutions with a flexible modular design, it grows with you. And because it's an IP-based networked solution, it utilises most I.T. infrastructure for boundless connectivity.

Access Control Systems

Delivering state-of-the-art solutions with tangible cost-savings through integrated Security, Access Control and Building Automation functionality.

  • Monitor and control the movement of personnel and vehicles.
  • Easily assign access permissions.
  • Manage security alarms and audit their responses.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and government .
  • Respond to emergency situations, lockdowns and alerts.
  • Locally and remotely manage the entire security operation from a single user interface.

Fever/Virus Detection Technology

As a stand alone station or integrated solution these thermal cameras allow the screening of staff and guests as they arrive at reception.

For use on most existing CCTV, BMS & nurse call systems, these new thermal detection camera technologies are capable of highly accurate body temperature measurement ±0.3℃.

With Zero Contact scanning, pick up infection risks before it enters your facilities.

Thermal Handheld Camera Option

These handheld thermal cameras are specially designed for Zero Contact body temperature measurement. Discover and track people with higher body temperature among the crowded public areas. For Healthcare, corporate or even hospitality venues.

Currently widely used in places such as customs, airport, school and hospital for inspection and quarantine, available for purchase or rent.

Access Control with Wrist Monitoring

Face Recognition Access Control Terminal with non-contact Wrist temperature monitoring allows restricted areas to manage access at the same time as protecting staff, patients and guests from cross infection. 

Picking up abnormal body temperatures and matching it to personnel information with fast face recognition times. Supporting face, card, password and QR code authentication to control access, whilst also integrating to most Nurse call, BMS, security and middleware solutions.