CCTV & Security

Total Communications provides a wide range of integrated security and video surveillance solutions. CCTV systems that will enhance staff, patient and resident security whilst using analytics to observe falls, location and identification with real time analysis.

Our cloud enabled solutions with smart video search to automatically failover and can play offline media as required, incorporating video analytics with  unlimited Users and unlimited recording.

Nx Witness VMS CCTV

The Total Communications supplied and supported Nx Witness VMS CCTV solution is an open IP video management system designed to find, view, record, and manage IP video cameras as well as integrate quickly with 3rd party systems and devices.

IP Video management made simple.

A cloud-based service that enables simple, centralized remote access and insight. Rich media player with a flexible GRID interface designed for connecting to and management. With a mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

Advanced IP Video Management

Making it simple for clients to have customer-tailored IP Video Management solutions.

Nx Witness VMS is a cross-platform video management software built for IP video surveillance with server, desktop, mobile, and cloud applications. Allowing users to create custom-tailored, full-featured IP video management systems.

Analytic Functions, Hybrid Analytics Detection

Advanced functionality giving detection for Trip/Fall, falling out of bed/chair, violence, punching, strangling  & pushing detection and alarming. Combined with many other unwanted physical interaction such as hand over mouth, Sexual abuse and inappropriate touching.

Plus face, license plate and black list recognition and alarming.