24x7 HelpDesk Service and Maintenance

Helping hospital & aged care organisations with multiple locations and system make the most out of their existing infrastructure.

Our 24x7 single point of contact team triage an issue to determine the appropriate response and resolution path, managing the technical resources and contractors,  instruct and educate users on system functionality, manage the Moves, Add's and Changes (MACs) and report on all interactions against agreed and known KPI's on a regular basis.

Our helpdesk systems can manage and monitor all your on site systems, detecting issues and respond and fix them before the local staff realise there is a problem to fix.

Critical Communications Support

Supplying and supporting critical communications solutions for the healthcare market for almost 30 years. Our ability to support multiple systems and solutions across the whole of Australia is second to none.  Our Support & Supply Services include:

VoIP, Digital and Mobile Telephony - Nurse Call systems - Staff Duress - Central Alarm  & Reporting Management - Access Control - CCTV - Building & Network Cabling - Site surveys, auditing and reporting.

Case Management

Our team tracks all issues reported to the help desk, assign cases to the appropriate level and follow those cases to resolution.

Including, regular updates on progress to the business, complete ownership of the issue until resolution, closing out the issue and recommendations to avoid recurrence.

Consolidated Invoicing

As part of our managed services held desk we can manage and consolidate payments to the contractors required to resolve any issue. This is then presented to your finance team in a twice monthly consolidated statement that shows all support activities.