Local Alarm Solutions

LAS (Local Alarm Solutions) is a middleware solution that allows events from any system to be monitored, actioned, and logged whilst simultaneously managing and creating outputs to any other system. Designed as a truly open system, LAS allows communication between all types of equipment from any supplier.

LAS in Aged care

Aged care operators today must provide a great resident experience. The ability to respond in a timely manner, and quickly react to emergencies is not only expected but demanded by residents and their families as well as the greater community. However, it can be challenging to provide this level of care across a network of homes that are usually equipped with disparate technology solutions. The differences or limitations of these solutions can dictate operational procedures within the facility. Differences between these facilities mean it is difficult, without costly replacement of systems, to create a uniform set of operational practices and standards. Even if these operational standards are uniform the reporting formats are not and this increases the complexity in comparing service levels across the business.

LAS will allow you to take your existing technology (Nurse Call, Access Control, and cordless environments) and create a simple modern integrated solution. Acting as the middleware between your technologies, LAS provides handling for all equipment and personal alarms on the site and allows you to configure your required alerts and escalations to users both local and remote as well as providing you the capability to generate operational reports on every connected system.

LAS is working today and connects to most major manufactures in Europe and Australia. Our Success is based not just on our LAS product, but also the strong support we provide for our customers. We work very closely with all our customers, supporting their service and growth with LAS technology and the ever-evolving connected hardware technologies.

Today LAS is at the heart of more than 250 installations over 6 countries, with our customers providing a variety of services to over thousands of end users.

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