Nurse call systems

Total Communications understand that the nurse call system is a vital piece of infrastructure in an aged care home and that It provides a vital communication link between the residents and the carers. A nurse call system that is properly implemented can provide much more than just an alert that care is needed. Modern systems can integrate with your access control and CCTV systems for automation benefits as well as being able to provide you with escalating alert levels delivered to your device of choice.

Connecting patients with care givers through smart technology can help you do more of what matters most – providing quality patient care.

Total Communications can support and maintain most commonly available systems on the market today. In fact we can support many that the manufacturers no longer support themselves.

CareTech Nurse Call

Total Communications is pleased to partner with CareTech.

CareTech has designed and manufactured advanced nurse call systems that offer a full range of fixed and wireless devices. As well as providing the ultimate in flexibility for alarm monitoring and escalation. CareTech Australia provide the security, confidence and peace of mind that you would expect in aged care systems as well as a truly personalised service.