Professional Services and Consulting

Total communications provide professional services that will improve the speed, accuracy and, reduce the costs of your new builds and refurbishments. We deliver a solution that is correctly aligned to your business goals and manage the entire process through to completion.

The efficient management of documentation, tender specifications, and processes is a crucial first step in assuring projects are delivered on time and on budget. These specifications and requirements documents need to be directly aligned with the operational needs of the carers to ensure you are delivering a system that meets these needs and is aligned with a corporate standard. Making an investment early in the process of any project will ensure you get the maximum return on your investment.

Design Brief / Corporate standard

A documented design brief captures all the requirements of the technology systems deployed in an aged care facility. The design brief includes technology and functionality standards that must be delivered as part of any project and forms the basis for the preparation of tender documentation and acceptance testing of finished solutions. The Design brief can contain an overview of the technology, minimum operational requirements, interoperability and dependencies with other systems, commissioning, testing and training requirements and power and other environmental requirements

Project Design

The technology section of a tender specification is complex and has multiple dependencies on other trades. This often means that the documentation that is released to the market has conflicting information in different sections of the documentation. Total communications work with the subject matter experts (consultants) across the entire project to ensure that the technology solution to be delivered is correctly aligned to the rest of the build process. Cabling, Power requirements and environmental considerations all need to be in alignment for a successful project.

Project Management

Total Communications has built a reputation for being able to consistently manage projects effectively. Our project management is both science and art. It is science in that it relies on proven and repeatable processes and techniques to achieve project success. It is an art because it also involves managing and relating to people. Good project management provides the framework, processes, guidelines and techniques to manage the people and the work. By implementing fundamental project management strategies, you will narrow your focus, reach desired goals and achieve those goals within specific time and cost parameters. The result is that everyone comes out a winner.

Total Communications have extensive experience in working with some of the largest providers in Australian aged care, we specialise in efficiently scoping, managing, installing, and operating IT infrastructure specific to aged care services. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs to provide a customised and comprehensive service that will increase your productivity, improve overall business performance, and manage your risk.

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