Business Phone Systems

When you are looking for an office phone system or telephony equipment for your business you want to talk to the experts before you make any commitment. After all your business is fully reliant on your business phone system & IT infrastructure, and to get the full benefit it has to be functional & easy to use.

Since 1986 we have been helping customers in Melbourne small and large in making sure that their telephone needs are met most efficiently, reliably and most importantly that they are fully supported before and after implementation.

We currently look after over 4000 clients who include Linfox, Bupa Aged Care, Defence Department, Dulux, Repco, Hilton Hotels and a number of large and small businesses.

We are a Telstra whole of business and enterprise partner.

Over the years we have earned our reputation through

  • Listening to our client’s needs
  • Delivering the right business solutions
  • Excellent customer service
  • Best pricing possible

Don’t let the industry BUZZ words and terms scare you, SIP, IP, VoIP, NBN Phone systems, CTI, CA, Auto Attendant and CLOUD. Are these important or even right for your business.

Affordable Small Business Phone Systems

A small business needs a small business phone systems in Melbourne. Providing the functionality and versatility to make you productive without the unnecessary complexity of a system designed for a larger business. Our range of NEC phone systems and Panasonic telephone systems provide the full functionality you need, including:

  • Sophisticated Handsets
  • Wireless Options for Mobility
  • Auto-Attendants
  • Call Queuing

VoIP Phone Systems & Office Phones Ideal for Small to Medium Businesses

Our business phone systems & VoIP phone systems are the complete solution for the communication needs of small to medium businesses in Melbourne. Offering the sophisticated functionality of:

  • Traditional telephony
  • VoIP Phone System
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • Automatic Carrier Routing
  • Automatic Call Distribution

When you invest in a communications solution we tailor a system that is flexible. A system that can meet your needs today with the ability to grow as your business does. We design solutions that offer the capacity and capability to expand as you need.

Tailored Telephone Systems for Medium to Large Enterprise

We understand that medium to large businesses requires high-performance communications solutions. Offering advanced telephony and messaging services backed up by efficiency, security and planned redundancy. We offer phone systems that accommodate the needs of large companies, with solutions for 100+ employees and multiple sites. Allowing you to cater to large and growing customer bases and provide your teams with the collaboration tools they need.

Managed service for Large enterprise

Are you looking to move your communications to the Cloud? Let Total Communications be the expert you need when you make this critical business decision.
Moving your telephone system to the Cloud phone system may be a great business decision or it could be a costly mistake! Do you have all the information to make this decision correctly?

We can help you:-

  • Understand the true costs involved
  • Is it really the right fit for your business
  • Select the right provider
  • Understand the alternatives

NBN Compatible Phone Systems

Here at Total Communications we hear and see a lot of confusion over the nbn™ phone systems and what it means for business communications. You will hear buzz words and acronyms like SIP, VoIP, and Cloud that are related technologies but are NOT magic solutions for business. The truth is that whilst nbn™ is changing the way we connect to our carrier of choice very little needs to change from a day to day perspective. The nbn™ can open up different forms of communication and ways of working but in reality most of these technologies have been available for a long time in different forms.

We really understand nbn™ and its implications for you and the equipment you currently use. A replacement system may not be necessary as it is often quite simple to upgrade many existing systems for nbn™. If an upgrade or replacement is required we can easily assist you in selecting the right path.

Our consultants have years of experience with Telephony solutions and can quickly show you what you need based on your business requirements and not just push you toward the latest buzz word technology.

If you would like to clear up the confusion and focus on what YOUR business really needs then call us for an obligation free consultation.

Put your new phone system on your Telstra Bill. Consult with us today.

Let one of our industry experts help you make a decision that is right for you.

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