CCTV - Analytic Functions & Hybrid Analytics Detections

NX Witness Advanced functionality gives Trip / Fall down, falling out of bed detection plus Violence Punching, Strangling Pushing detection and alarming. Combined with many other unwanted physical interaction such as hand over mouth, Sexual abuse and inappropriate touching. helping to protect your most vulnerable residents and help your staff respond quicker to stressful situations.

Nx Witness® solutions have support for 99% of the IP cameras in use in the market today, using a combination of ONVIF, native integration, or RTSP/HTTP streaming.

Violence Detection - Analytic Functions for the Future Integrations, Detects

  • One-way violence
  • Two-way violence
  • Punching
  • Strangling

With the added Hybrid Analytics (Sound + Human Fall), Detecting

  • Pushing
  • Punching
  • Fast Actions
  • Holding hand over mouth
  • Sexual abuse and inappropriate touching
  • Falling out of a chair or bed

Sound Analytics / Box, when the Sound analytics Box is installed in a patients room it covers 30m distance, it is POE enabled and has its own unique IP address - connects through IP to Nx platform. it also detects “abusive sounds” and “screams of help.” thus sending alerts to main system ( Nx ) through HTTP.

  • Detects : Pushing, Punching ,Fast Actions, Holding hand over mouth ,Sexual abuse and inappropriate touching.

Senturian Analytics, AI Servers are connected to Nx VMS Platform through IP and enable cameras on Nx platform with powerful analytic functions. They also enable Intelligent search using Nx platforms Recording data and sends alarms and alerts to Nx platform through Http.

Hybrid Analytics (Robust Human Fall) Detects

  • Human Fall
  • Fall from front, behind, from a chair, from a bed

Nx Witness VMS is a cross-platform video management software built for IP video surveillance with server, desktop, mobile, and cloud applications.