Understand what you currently have and what it can do.

Do your systems no longer do everything you need them to? Was it setup years ago and rarely improved as your business has grown and evolved around it? Is it finally time to review your equipment, infrastructure and software?

When you need a clear picture of your systems our auditing service will uncover what you need to know. Total Communications will accurately uncover the design, weak links, capacities and connections that make up your solution, including:

  • Equipment makes and models
  • Equipment redundancies
  • Faulty equipment
  • Misconfigured equipment
  • Standards compliance
  • Extension types
  • Extension capacities
  • Line types
  • Line capacities
  • Inaccurate service records
  • Security
  • Resilience

Find Your Hidden Value

An audit not only helps identify physical layouts, equipment and configurations. It highlights where risks and single points of failure lie. It also provides a valuable insight into what your customers experience when they call. This adds value to and improves your customer relationships by preventing putting them through an irritating experience when contacting you.

We’ll review capacities establishing your current performance and room for expansion. This helps with planning and costing of upgrades or expansions.

Get in Touch

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