Solve Irritating Issues – Total Communications Troubleshooting

Do you need troubleshooting for pervasive problems or ad hoc services to identify the possibility of, or sources of, faults within equipment and cabling? For these times you need Total Communications troubleshooting.

We have the experience and capabilities to identify even the most severe issues with business phone systems. We can seamlessly coordinate with service providers where necessary to resolve malfunctions and complications.

Our troubleshooting or break and fix services include:

  • Pinpointing faulty or failed components
  • Diagnosing fault line locations, with either the system or the service provider’s infrastructure
  • Restoration of programming
  • Rearranging cabling
  • Rebuilding voicemail or auto-attendants
  • Re-terminating aging or faulty cabling
  • Providing temporary service during total failures
  • Troubleshooting intermittent faults
  • Redirecting calls away from fault lines

Prompt Identification and Resolution of System Faults

Contacting us for troubleshooting will be prompt and hassle free. You can be confident that our technical staff will quickly identify issues within or affecting your phone system. So in a month, a year or whenever an issue arises, you’ll want Total Communications ready to help. We understand that assistance for faults is an ongoing requirement. It’s why we operate a fully supported Help Desk to provide timely, ongoing advice, information and solutions.

Get in Touch

Experiencing irritating intermittent faults? Have your phone system’s parts failed? Need help restoring your system to an earlier, working design? Call Total Communications Total Service on 03 9845 9000 to discuss a solution or CONTACT US HERE